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Attendee Experience
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How satisfied are your attendees with the platform?
Admin Experience
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How satisfied are your administrators with the platform?
Customer Service
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To what extent are your customer service experiences timely, helpful, and resolved to your satisfaction? To what extent do you consider your vendor to be a true partner in your organization’s success?
Stability & Reliability
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How satisfied are you with the platform's uptime and technical performance?
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How satisfied are you with the platform's ability to integrate with other technologies?
Exhibit Hall
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How satisfied are you with the functionality for a virtual exhibit hall?
Sponsor Recognition
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How satisfied are you with the functionality for recognizing sponsors?
Attendee Interaction
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How satisfied are you with the functionality for supporting attendee-to-attendee interaction and communication?
Reporting and Analytics
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Overall Rating
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Job Role: 
Organization Type: 
Trade association
Number of Attendees at Largest Conference: 
500 to 999
Geographic Focus: 
Highest Number of Sponsors: 
10 to 29
Highest Number of Exhibitors: 
1 to 49
Highest Number of Sessions: 
60 to 99
Highest Number of Concurrent Sessions: 
5 to 9

The underlying core of the CadmiumCD product is outstanding. It was designed to manage your event from start to finish - the speakers, topics, call for papers and review process, exhibitors and sponsors. Basically, you can manage all of the data collection for your event and sales for your exhibitors and sponsors. After 5+ years of using Cadmium, four years for in-person events, and one for a virtual event, I stay impressed as they are constantly improving the product.  

CadmiumCD made a major push at the beginning of 2020 to enhance the virtual portion of Cadmium and they've done a very good job with it.  This platform works well from start to finish without the need to integrate with other systems other than registration.  CadmiumCD recently added a registration system (Event Rebels) but we have not used this component.  Our conference participants loved the system in 2021 for our virtual event and they found it easy to use. We received more feedback than ever before from the participants by adding the Cadmium survey module.

CadmiumCD's team was easily accessible before, during and after the event.  They were very helpful as we transitioned from in-person to virtual and were able to provide ideas on how best to manage our event.

The exhibitor/sponsor portion of the platform for virtual events is good but as with so many other platforms it is still challenging for exhibitors and participants to engage effortlessly. A graphical depiction of exhibit hall might benefit cadmium to provide the participant with a more "in-person" feeling.

Overall we recommend the CadmiumCD platform because it works well, they are constantly enhancing the system and their team members are outstanding.